We are a PR, social media, marketing and events consultancy.

About Us

Consumer lifestyles are ever changing and so is the PR landscape

In turn, and in order to survive, businesses must constantly change the way they LOCATE, LISTEN & TALK to their customers.

This is possibly no more important than in the space of leisure and lifestyle brands; the space where harnessing the crowd is key and social opinion and behaviour can drive reputation and in turn sales.

This space can be CONFUSING, FAST MOVING, EVER CHANGING, FICKLE, EXPANSIVE and CRUCIAL to your brand’s sustainability.

To succeed any brand must be truly…

At Down at the Social we work with businesses to bring their PR activity in line with shifting consumer behaviour and media.

We show brands how to navigate this social space in order to survive, we teach them how to LISTEN,TARGET and ENGAGE with audiences in ways that are sustainable and relevant.

We build measurable campaigns that bring businesses alive through storytelling whilst harnessing the very best amplifiers to maximise reach.

Services we provide...