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Manchester – a city that’s more than just a bee!

New to Manchester? mcrbrief is a one day session to teach you everything you need to know about our great city.

It will provide you with an insiders guide to the market and competition, an introduction to the most important media and influencers in the region and a bespoke Launch Sprint to help you clarify your key aims and audiences for launch.

Influencer content reaches over 13m eyeballs every day in the city. That’s a lot of opportunities but how do you make sure you reach the right people to put the right bums on your seats?

That’s where we come in. We launch venues of course and we would love to do that for you.  But first we recommend you use mcrbrief to match your plan to our city.

With some insider knowledge and 20 years experience along with an innovative proven workshop technique (it was developed by Google so you can trust that it works) we can turn your plan into an audience roadmap guaranteed to resonate with our city in just a few hours.

You can test your research and your ideas on our team and weigh them up against the evidence we can provide. It’s like a focus group, a workshop, a brief and a pitch all rolled into one.

Our team has launched or promoted some of Manchester’s best performing bars, restaurants and attractions from MasterChef winner Simon Wood’s fine dining restaurant to the city’s favourite pizza parlour Crazy Pedro’s. We don’t just do home grown we also work with national brands including Chopstix, Shoryu Ramen, Vapiano, Hotel Indigo and Edyn (Whitworth Locke).

Get in touch now to find out how you sign up.

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