A New Norm For Content Creation

A New Norm For Content Creation

I’m seeing so many people saying stop selling, stop doing everything and stay home. Yes stay home – but don’t stop selling. We have a new norm all of a sudden but this just means we need to find a new way to work.

Much as i would love it if this turned into a detox of consumerism, whereby i stopped looking at clothes on instagram and stop buying things I don’t need, this is very unlikely and i would say it’s unlikely for many people.

And it would be even worse for the economy! Don’t just while away the hours thinking about what you will do when all of this blows over – act now and tell your audiences what they can do to help, I’m betting they will.

Whilst front line workers are out there literally saving lives, the vast majority of Brits are sat at home with only the internet for entertainment – did someone say Houseparty?

Taping into this to deepen your relationship with your audience and improve their lockdown lives is not a bad thing. Whether you can deliver their favourite beer to the door, bring your event online or just offer simple content that keeps them entertained, now is the time to know what your brand means to people.

They need to eat, drink, stay fit and healthy, stay in touch and most importantly entertain themselves. If your brand can help – it should.

Incredible examples of people smashing it right now are Joe Wicks who live streamed his first PE class this morning to 1million families and Bongo’s Bingo who streamed Live From The Bungalow on Saturday night to nearly 35k fans!

You don’t have to be internationally famous to make this content work for you. The gorgeous people at Feel Good Club broadcast live via IGTV on Sunday with a day of wellbeing and self care.

The creator of Diablesse rum, Cleo Farman, is educating rum fans everywhere with films teaching her audience how to create the perfect pour and venue Jimmy’s live-streamed a series of ‘isolation gigs’.

It’s not all about social.  Don’t forget about the media – we have all become news fiends. We’re consuming so much news, radio, TV and social media that now more than ever you can reach people if you can generate coverage around your brand.

Be that promoting what you have going on online or your new offering if you have changed as a business; or expert comments about how this pandemic is changing your industry or traditional PR product placement – the media needs content too and with the right contacts and the right ideas you can secure your share of the column inches.

On a personal note, as consumers, if we need to support the brands and places we love when they’re open, we need to support them now more than ever.  Love a restaurant? Then check out what they’re doing – are they offering take out via Deliveroo or offering online content? Then check it out. For example – the mega Peru Perdu are running a virtual cerviche masterclass which you shouldn’t miss.