Campaign Hits & Misses

Campaign Hits & Misses

Campaign Hits & Misses 

Lottie Milk, account executive at Down At The Social takes a look at the PR and Marketing campaign hits and misses of the week. From ones that have been a roaring success, to those that have fallen flat. 

It has been an interesting week with Rishi Sunak, Chancellor of the Exchequer launching his Eat Out To Help Scheme, whilst Matt Hancock, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care launching his rather ironically timed anti-obsesity campaign, looking to get Britain in shape. Sorry Matt, restaurant bookings have been soaring, with consumers very much focused on helping get the hospitality industry back on its feet. 

But aside from this rather hilarious tug of war between Sunak and Hancock, what else has been happening? Well…


Snapchat launches first global B2B campaign

Snapchat has launched its first global B2B campaign highlighting the “the Snapchat generation”. The ‘Meet the Snapchat Generation’ campaign, which will run in Australia, Canada and the US, aims to highlight how Snapchat’s community can benefit businesses, while giving an insight into the values and behaviours of Snapchat’s users. It focuses on five themes including social responsibility, building community, individuality, friendships, and new forms of communication. Snapchat is trying to remind people that the app is built on connections which I think is very relevant and important at the moment and therefore makes it a successful campaign.

Papa John’s hires Notting Hill Carnival performers to make colourful deliveries after this year’s cancellation

Papa John’s has teamed up with Notting Hill festive performers who would usually be parading the streets for Notting Hill Carnival this month. The delivery company has hired performers to make deliveries and put on a small show on arrival. I personally love this alternative way of celebrating and keeping the spirits of the event alive. Papa John’s has also partnered with the charity, Hospitality Action, to raise funds for those in the industry that have been affected by these cancellations, including carnival performers and food vendors.


The Government is banning junk food advertising on TV and online as part of a £10m campaign aimed at tackling obesity in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The government has unveiled plans to introduce a ban on junk food advertising across TV and online in the UK. The measures are part of a £10m Public Health England campaign called ‘Better Health’, aimed at getting people fitter after lockdown. Running across TV, radio, outdoor, online and print, the proposal has come at the worst possible time for the advertising sector and for industry. I think that the government should be supporting businesses, not banning them from advertising products whilst the economy is trying to get back on its feet.