Heartbreaks and Hangovers – a love letter to Manchester

Heartbreaks and Hangovers – a love letter to Manchester

Penny Lynch – the legend behind Didsbury’s favourite deli, A Taste of Honey – isn’t afraid to admit that she has had her fair share of both and she’s on a mission to celebrate them through food and music.

The one thing that has come out of the pain and worry of the past four months for me is the understanding of what a strong community, or group of communities, we have here in Manchester.  In particular the people behind our hospitality and events industry have shown what a creative, hardworking and collaborative bunch they are.

The media outlets of the city have given everything they can to support operators and their PR and marketing teams, a crack team of pros came together to create EatWellMCR and entrepreneurs like Penny donated time and resources to help them feed everyone from the vulnerable to NHS staff.

There have been countless other initiatives that I could mention but the reason I mention this one is because Penny is hoping to create something special which will embody this spirit. A book of memories anchored in our love of food and music and how we have relied on them to help us recover from heartbreaks and hangovers.

The aim is to publish a collective of beautiful stories, playlists and recipes that will get those suffering from a broken heart or too much tequila (me?) through the toughest of days.

We are asking everyone who holds this city as close as we do to contribute so please send us your stories to heartbreaksandhangovers@downatthesocial.co.uk and we will include them in the book.