Lockdown Lift Up

Lockdown Lift Up

The team here at DATS has seen so many small businesses throwing out everything they know and starting again to adapt to the lockdown.

To help these companies Down at the Social is offering one off Lockdown Lift Up Word Of Mouth packages to small businesses who are still operating through the lockdown.

If you have a gift service or a home subscription offering that will help improve lives or just bring some joy, or you have turned your retail or restaurant offering into a home delivery service, then we would love to help you generate the awareness you need to keep going.

Our team can deliver strategic four week campaigns via media or social to help you connect with as many new customers as possible.  Campaigns can be turned around immediately and don’t require a long commitment to a retainer. We just want to help you right now when you really need it.

Contact Daisy on 07803 185136 for more info.