Meet Hayley…

Meet Hayley…

After successfully completing 4 years of university, I decided to take the leap and travel. Anxious and clueless to what was on the other side of the world, I went, I saw and I conquered. 26 months later full of life experience and new skills I was ready to return, still unsure as to how my ‘adult’ life was going to pan out. I was always the type of person to try anything, and give it my best go, I went through jobs like they were sour mandarins, each time I took a bite, I knew I could find better out there!

I started an internship with DATS at the beginning of August, I had a brief idea as to what I was getting myself into, but I was ready for the challenge. I also was intrigued as to what else was involved in PR! In my first two weeks, I was parading around Manchester as a giant monkey, advertising Treetop Adventure Golf in The Printworks, probably the most enjoyable thing I’ve done to date. I also had the maddest opportunity to work Manchester Pride which was a big highlight for me!

At the moment I’ve been working on social scheduling for Treetop Adventure Golf, which I’m getting more comfortable taking the lead on, and learning the different insights to each account, also having the opportunity to go and visit the venue and collect some social content for specific posts. I aim to keep developing with Treetop so I can take on other clients socials and make this a main focus of mine as I really enjoy this part of the job.

I seem to have a good relationship with influencers, keeping in contact with them for specific events or campaigns that we could use them for. I enjoy getting to know new people and following their certain interests which inspire me to engage with them.

I never expected to find myself in PR, but who knew It couldn’t be more me! Social skills are my strength, and I was ready for a challenge, something I feel I haven’t been given in a workplace before. The knowledge I’ve obtained so far in the job, has been the most valuable, and the skills I’ve gained have been most influential.

I’ve never felt more ready for improvement and development in a job and in myself, something I intend to see throughout my foreseeable future.