Thought about what you will do when lockdown ends?

Thought about what you will do when lockdown ends?

Sick of Zoom quizzes yet? NEVER!

After a million video conference calls, loads of PR coverage and quite a lot of gin, we have started to turn our thinking to what’s next.

Earlier this year, inspired by Google and the German design agency AJ&Smart, we launched Story Sprints and Launch Sprints – our way of helping brands draw out the essence of a campaign be it for a new launch or an existing brand.

Then lockdown hit and we had to learn how to take the sprint online – what do we do without post it notes? Luckily the online planning tool Mural makes virtual sprints just as successful as IRL workshops.

So we have launched Reopening Sprints to enable brands who need to reimagine their marketing for the post lockdown norm to build a roadmap to success. 

It might seem too soon but reopening could happen as quickly as the shutdown did and you need to be ready.

Our sprints offer you all of our insight and expertise without any commitment to engage the us to deliver the plan afterwards. We do the prep for you, take you through the workshop and write it up afterwards so that you have a workable plan ready to go.

Find out more below and get in touch ASAP if this is for you.


The challenge we face Devise your reopening roadmap