To schedule or not…

To schedule or not…

What are the Pros & Cons of scheduling Social Media?

With social media being such a busy and fast moving world of different platforms and channels, it can be very difficult to keep on top of. A lot of people assume that posting tweets, status updates, picture uploads etc… is an easy thing to crack, little do they know that it actually takes up a big chunk of time.

Welcome scheduling.

Although scheduling is a great way of managing social posts, as with everything, its comes with its faults. Here are some pros & cons that we believe everyone should consider when entering the scheduling field.


Saves time: a massive factor to take on board, when scheduling, is the amount of time it will eventually save you.

Easier to manage: this will save you a load of stress in the long run. SoMe is so fast moving, it’s nice to have that peace of mind that once you have scheduled you are sure to have something going out.  You don’t want to be left saying nothing at all.

Guaranteed posts: if people are out of the office or life is just too busy, no need to worry, as long as you have scheduled the post in advance then you can take your mind off it for a bit and get on with other stuff.


Double check: it’s easy to miss something when scheduling in bulk. Make sure you double check your posts, is the information correct? Are the posts going out through the correct channels? Are there spelling/grammatical errors? These are all the questions you need to ask yourself while scheduling.

Missing stuff: are you missing stuff that’s happening in the world that you could relate back to yourself/company/product? New trending topics that you could tap into to gain more coverage? Worldwide events that are happening? We recommend having a monthly planner of certain events coming up that you could tap into and talk about.

Repetitive: due to the nature of how it works, most posts are written in advance which means some posts can be a little repetitive (this isn’t always a con, twitter moves very fast so it’s a good idea to sometimes go over the same thing more than once, just don’t over do it).

Live tweeting: make sure you still live tweet every now and again. Talking about what’s happening in the world is a very good thing (when done correctly), take #TheDress for example, such a massive talking point online that many businesses jumped on to help promote themselves while also showing they are not just a bot.

It’s good to remember these pros and cons when scheduling. Keep in mind that although scheduling is saving you time and making life easier you should always set aside time in each day to immerse yourself in your timeline and it’s still good to live tweet when you can.