Will it be a super Saturday or a wet weekend?

Will it be a super Saturday or a wet weekend?

Mad Friday, the World Cup Final and Derby Day all in one – this is what a lot of the country is predicting for Saturday 4 July. But will it be?

You could argue Saturday wasn’t the best choice for an experiment with such high risks but I don’t know if any other day would be different in reality.

We have worked with the consumer research experts CGA to pull together some stats to help our clients know what to expect.

The research says a few very clear things:

  • only 1 in 5 plan to go out – that’s loads if they all turn up at the same time but over the space of a month it’s not that many!
  • people want to see social distancing and they want hygiene measures rammed down their throats – communicate communicate communicate please everyone.
  • Tuesday could well be the new Friday as people try to avoid busy times.
  • we can expect to book and we don’t mind but we still don’t want to stand in a queue thanks!

We have clients that are opening, those that have totally changed what they’re offering and those that are waiting to see.  One thing that is clear amongst them all is that they know that they need to stay in contact with their customers.

From virtual events and insta cook offs with at home kits, to influencer engagement and good old trusty media relations – the businesses that come through this are going to be the ones that keep their messaging consistent and out there.

If we only go out once a month we’re going to be sure to make it special, so we’re going to chose carefully. Maybe spend a bit more – no one will be offering discount anyway – and look for an experience – even if that experience is a bit different from what we remember as normal.  What are you doing to make sure that you are first choice?

If you want to see the full report about the nation’s opinions on reopening – with stats from April and June’s CGA BrandTrack get in touch with our team on audience@downatthesocial.co.uk.

We are also offering discounted workshops to help you plan your PR and marketing activity in the face of the new norm. Anyone who signs up in the next week (by Friday 10th July) can have four hours with our leisure and destination team (IRL or virtually) and a fully scoped out reopening roadmap for half price – workshops start at £1500 depending on the size of the business and the number of people involved.