Working Together To Keep Manchester Businesses Buzzing

Working Together To Keep Manchester Businesses Buzzing

Wow – what a week. It’s been heartbreaking to see our community taking such a hit. Small businesses, big businesses, events and freelancers in particular have been knocked hard quickly by the country grinding to a halt thanks to COVID-19.

As a team we have lost clients and we have also seen people we work with suffer. From event managers to photographers, as events and projects have been cancelled, those that work for themselves and don’t have ongoing contracts and job security have lost thousands.

As our clients face challenges we inevitably will too so I don’t have all the answers.

But as a team we got together and talked about how we wanted to do something positive to combat the very depressing flow of bad news. So we’re launching a scheme to help companies and freelancers get through this and we hope you will help.

The fabulous Harrison Edwards (you may know him from the mega Crazy Pedro’s artwork) has created this t-shirt. Yes it’s a bee. I’m always telling clients not to do bees but we are Mancunians and it’s ours right? So we should be allowed to use it when we need it. ‘Don’t make me draw a bee’ Harrison said – but then he did, and we love it.

So the plan is – we sell the t-shirt, the profit from the t-shirt goes into a pot. Companies who need marketing support right now can then tap into this pot to gain access to freelancers with capacity and we will pay them from the pot.

The rate will be lower than normal because we don’t know how much we will raise and we want to help as many people as possible. Time will be split into half days at £50 each.

So the shout out from this is we need three things:

  • people to buy t-shirts – the first run is 100 and we’re selling them for £14.99 plus postage (£3.50). Further runs will be available as soon as we can gauge demand.
  • Freelancers to get in touch and offer their services – email Harriet on
  • Companies in need of help – be it design/ social/ PR or photography or something else, get in touch ( and we will match you with someone to help.

All money raised through the t-shirts will go into this pot for businesses to use.

To buy the t-shirts hit us up here.

While you are there take a minute to read the site. It has been created by our friend Carl Sukonik. He’s Manchester’s best photographer and all round cheerful man (not really!). Carl is on a mission to tell good news and publish positivity to the people of Manchester and this site is his way of doing just that. Please get in touch with him if you have a positive story to share.