Daisy Whitehouse

Daisy Whitehouse

Managing Director

Tell us about you:

I launched Down at the Social to work with brilliant people doing brilliant things.  I launched the first new monopoly board for 70 years, wrote a blueprint to launch LEGOLAND Discovery Centres across the world, shocked the world with a story that four out of five women don’t shower every day and done some very interesting things with Cherry Lambrini over the years!

I’m passionate that PR can make a difference to any business and no matter what anyone tells you we should be doing your social media not your SEO company!

What’s on your pizza:  An egg – the rest changes all the time but always an egg. And it has to be runny or I’m not interested.

Drink of choice: GIN!

Ideal holiday: Anything, anywhere, anytime. My favourite places are Mallorca and Costa Rica but I am just as happy on the beach in North Wales. Just please don’t make me sit in a resort all day.

In my time off you’ll find me: Drinking gin. Reading Monocle. Gardening or riding a bike.

If I could take one thing to a desert island: Gin? No a lifetime’s subscription to Monocle magazine. It’s got everything – culture, society, design, politics, food, drink and travel. Who knew that they were building an underground road network in Switzerland to get haulage trucks off the road…

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