Emily Valentina-Sutton

Emily Valentina-Sutton

Senior Account Manager

Tell us about you:

Me and DATS have a whole lot of history – straight out of uni I actually interned here, which in-turn sparked my love of PR and determination to pursue it as a career. Fast forward six years and I have worked on a wealth of incredible destination PR projects, both here in Manchester and internationally. I have also specialised in influencer match-making, coining the title ‘mother of influencers’. Away from destination PR, I have worked on communications for some of the biggest cycling events in the world, reporting live from the races and working to highlight the gender inequality that remains in sport. I’m also a budding journalist and love working with several local publications to cover news in the ever-growing and amazing city of Manchester.

I’m forever intrigued and aware of the rapidly evolving PR industry and like to stay in touch with the latest trends and remain ahead of the curve, because as they say..me and PR never go out of style.

What’s on your pizza: Tomato and cheese – when it comes to pizza, simple and classic always wins.  

Drink of choice: Negroni. It’s a beautiful elixir that guarantees a good time.

Ideal holiday: Anywhere that promises adventure. Some of the most random places I’ve been, like Ukraine ended up being my absolute favourites because they were off the beaten track and you could really get stuck in exploring.

In my time off you’ll find me: Most likely chasing men in lycra (for a bike race of course)

If I could take one thing to a desert island: Reputation by Taylor Swift – that album will get you through anything.

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