Gillian Hargreaves

Gillian Hargreaves

Senior Account Manager

Tell us about you:

Before joining team DATS I worked with SME’s as a business advisor and I love nothing more than turning over the rocks in peoples companies to find out what makes them tick and what they really need. I’ve worked across many sectors throughout my career from creative and digital to third sector, professional services right through to a private jet company!

I love connecting with clients and being part of their success and helping them achieve their goals. Working in this industry is always exciting,  you get to give clients a voice and shout about the best bits that companies have to offer, no two days are the same at DATS!

What’s on your pizza: The ideal is with an egg on top, (other toppings may vary).

Drink of choice: Gin and Fanta Lemon – I’ve been trying to convert people for years! Or if I’m feeling posh a Pear and Vanilla margarita.

Ideal holiday: Getting lost somewhere, interspersed with amazing food.

In my time off you’ll find me: Wandering up a mountain

If I could take one thing to a desert island: The internet, although realistically it might have to be sunscreen…

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