Lottie Milk

Lottie Milk

Account Executive

Tell us about you:

After recently finishing college I came to the conclusion that university wasn’t for me. I wanted to gain a real insight into how the marketing industry works by learning relevant skills from real-life experience.

I started at DATS as part of an apprenticeship programme with Social Chain, where I spend a day a week learning about the latest innovations in social media and digital marketing. DATS immediately caught my eye as PR is something I was very interested in due to my love of writing, social media, staying on top of trends and meeting new people. I’m so excited to be part of the DATS team and looking forward to all the new challenges I will face.

What’s on your pizza: Lots of black olives, mushrooms and something spicy. 

Drink of choice: Always a G&T!

Ideal holiday: Somewhere in Italy where I can eat lots of pizza and float around in a gondola. 

In my time off you’ll find me: Seeking new places to eat, buying clothes that I don’t need or listening to a podcast

If I could take one thing to a desert island: Lots of tea bags! I can’t go without a brew.